Today has been an angsty day, to say the least. I was angsty at work (to be fair the kids were being extra annoying) and I was angsty at even the smallest things. Which I probably shouldn’t. But of course, at the time nobody would be like “stop, wait a minute. Reply in a calm and collected tone.” Our emotions really take control of us, and sometimes we can’t help it. Maybe it’s a good thing, though. It means that we can feel intense emotions, and isn’t that inifinitely better than feeling nothing at all.

On a side note, Homo sapiens is getting really interesting, and I’m more and more fascinated with it everyday. Also, weirdly enough, my anger requires the music of Taylor Swift to jam to? I don’t even know man. Planning on watching perks tonight, and I do hope I follow through this time because it’s such a nice movie and I haven’t watched it in forever.